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My name is Rev. Jerry D. Knapper. Standing with me is my wife Carol, a true "Song of Joy". This web site is where friends can learn more about us and our ministry and where family members and friends can keep up with what is going on in our lives. Most of my wife's, and my time is centered around ministering to those we come in contact with and to our family. On Sundays, we hold a Home Church at our house at 201 Davis Lane, Roland, OK, where we go through the Bible and where I teach those wonderful truths God has taught to me in seminary and in my personal life. We record these Sunday messages and uploaded them for your review. I also send out by email, a weekly paper called "Biblical Considerations" to anyone who desires to recieve it, upon request. For the Biblical Consideration and Sunday teaching click on the listings at the bottom of this page.

My Favorites

My Favorite entertainment and past time is playing music.
My Favorite instruments are Guitar, Pedal Steel and Bass, although I play several others.
My Favorite style of music varies a lot with Sacred and Gospel being my most favorite and classic Country, 50's & early 60's classic Rock and Folk after that. I enjoy Barbershop and Big Band music as well.
My Favorite function is teaching from the Holy Bible.
My Favorite pastime is working on musical and electrical equipment in my shop.

My Hobbies

I play several instruments and currently play Lead Guitar and pedal steel locally. My wife, Carol plays guitar and sings also.
Outside of music and teaching, my favorite hobbies include building lap steels, refurbishing and setting up pedal steels, teaching new and advanced students and repairing just about anything else that comes into my workshop.

Most Admired

Jesus, The Christ, and all who love Him. I also admire idea people who take the ideas that come to them and act upon them.

Click here to download and read Carol's "The lifestyle of the rich and nonfamous".

Click here to download and read Carol's writing, "Songs fill My Heart".

When Disaster Strikes 7-31-16 BC

Difference and Division 8-6-16 BC

What Do Others See In You 8-13-16 BC

What is Love 8-20-16 BC

Understanding 8-27-16 BC


Carol's Songs of Joy: Click on the song to listen

"Looking Through The Eyes Of Love"

"The Greatest Love Story"

"Carol's Song"

"He Grew The Tree"

"I'm Happy Today"

"Mercy Rewrote My Life"

Want to get in touch? You can send me an e-mail at:

I would like to test how many people read this. Please reply to the above email if you have .

click here to download and listen to our 6-5-16 study on 1st Cor. 1.

Our study on 1 Corinthians chapter 2

He Did It All For Me!

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